Stay charged


Keep your battery in good condition by cleaning off dirt, oil & oxidation

Don’t get stuck at home or work with a dead vehicle battery.  Rather give your vehicle (and yourself) the kick-start that you deserve with our wide range of premium batteries from Willard Batteries and Dixon Batteries.

Give the gift of choice

Gift Card

Keep your loved ones rolling on the road with confidence

Why not share the joy of vehicle fitment excellence with family and friends? Give them the freedom to choose from our wide range of products and services with a LombardTyres Gift Card.

Is your car emitting smoke?

New Exhaust

Fix your exhaust system for optimal engine performance

Smooth air intake and exhaust systems are essential for your engine’s health. If you experience decreased engine power during acceleration, it might be an exhaust system issue.

Top Tip before you go on holiday

Tow & Bull-Bars

We stock a variety of tow & bull bars at the best prices

Although it is often overlooked, you should inspect the condition of your tow bar periodically, especially if you frequently haul caravans, trailers or other heavy loads