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Khumo Satisfaction Program

150 Days Road Hazard Warranty
30 Days Satisfaction Trial Warranty


Great news for off-road enthusiasts! Lombard Tyres and Kumho Tyres now offer an 80,000 km all-terrain mileage warranty on sizes 15 to 17 inch for Kumho Road Venture AT KL78 & AT51 tyres.

Satisfaction Trial Warranty:

  • Not satisfied with your Kumho tyre? Get compensation within 30 days of purchase at the same store.

  • Valid for complete sets of PS71, PS91, HP71, AT52, MT71, Foam & EV tyres (sizes 15-17 inch).

  • Return to the same store for refund; keep the original purchase invoice as proof.

Special Road Hazard Warranty:

  • Within 150 days of purchase, we’ll replace damaged Kumho tyres due to road obstacles (potholes, gutters).

  • Applicable for complete sets of PS71, PS91, HP71, AT52, MT71, foam & EV tyres (sizes 15-17 inch).

  • Replacement at the same store; present the printed purchase invoice and warranty card.

Exclusions for both warranties:

  • Not applicable for TBR, commercial, competition, and off-road use.

  • Damages caused by vandalism or inadequate tyre pressure not covered.

  • Must perform service (assembly, balancing, alignment) at the same place of purchase.