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Best Prices on Passenger Tyres, 4×4 Tyres, Off Road Tyres and Ultra-High Performance Tyres

Are you “tired” of looking for that perfect gift? Why not pass the excitement of vehicle fitment excellence onto family and friends with a brand new tyre gift for your loved ones vehicle?  For an original gift that’s ideal for just about any occasion, opt for tyres at any LombardTyres store or scroll to our online shop and buy it now.  Our wide variety of top tyre brands are designed to keep your loved ones on the roll.

Always remove tyres from service when they reach 1.6mm remaining in tread depth.  All new tyres have tread wear indicators that appears as smooth banks in the tread grooves when they wear to 1.6mm level. Wet weather accidents may occur from skidding on bald or nearly bald tyres.  Excessively worn tyres are also more likely to suffer punctures.  Stop by any LombardTyres store for a FREE tyre inspection, all stores offer a leading range of quality tyre brands with the most affordable tyre specials and tyre prices in South Africa.


A bad attitude is like a flat tyre…

If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere. Don’t be caught “flat-footed”. (No pun intended ).  Rather save your tyre and yourself with a tyre repair (puncture repair) at any of our LombardTyres Stores.  At LombardTyres we won’t leave you flat.

You shouldn’t wait until your tyres are in terrible shape to prepare for a flat tyre. Have a plan in place now for what you’ll do if you get a flat tyre. Make sure you have a spare tyre and the necessary tools to change your tyre. You’ll need a lug wrench, jack, wheel wedges, gloves, and a flashlight. The first time you get a flat tyre shouldn’t be the first time you’ve ever changed a tyre. Practice changing your tyre at home in your driveway so you’re prepared to change your tyres in a more dangerous scenario.

Roll in at any of our stores for a FREE 21-point vehicle safety check or just roll over to our online shop to buy tyres, wheels and batteries at your own convenience.   

Tyre Specials, Tyre Discounts and Tyre Deals

Keep an eye out on our promotions and online special section for any tyre promotions, tyre discounts and tyre deals.

Each LombardTyres fitment store has a broad range of the world’s leading tyre brands, such as Kumho Tyres, Goodride Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Michelin Tyres, Pirelli Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Continental Tyres, Bridgestone and Firestone Tyres amongst others.

An added benefit from purchasing your tyres from a Lombard Tyres Branch is that you can enroll yourself in a Mileage Extender Maintenance Agreement and immediately save R750

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