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Emergency Tyre Assistance available from all branches

​It is inevitable that with the current road conditions that your vehicle might encounter a tyre related problem en-route that would prohibit it from continuing on its journey. Roadside punctures, blown out tyres and a flat battery are problems that we encounter every day. We understand the inconvenience of being stranded and it is our mission with our Tyre Roadside Assistance Service to get you moving again.

​We offer a supplementary Roadside Tyre Assistance service, taking care of tyre changes or repairs and flat batteries  No matter what time of day or night, you’ll find someone on the other end of the line to ensure you’ll never be alone.

This includes:

Tyre assistance:  We will replace a flat or damaged tyre with the spare or provide a tow to the nearest service facility or LombardTyres Store (replacement tyre costs are an additional).

Flat battery: If your vehicle experiences battery failure, we will give you a jump start.

​Call-out fee Costs: During working hours (07:30 – 17:00) the call-out fee is R350.00 (Excl VAT).  After working hours the call-out fee is R450.00 (Excl VAT)

Call our nearest store for assistance | ​Terms and Conditions Apply.