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Selected LombardTyres Stores stock a variety of tow & bull bars at the best prices fitted by qualified technicians for all vehicle types.

Although it is often overlooked, you should inspect the condition of your tow bar periodically, especially if you frequently haul caravans, trailers or other heavy loads.

To tow a trailer that is roadworthy we recommend several safety checks:
– Check tyres by looking for cracks or bulges on the sidewalls. Check for minimum tread depth, flat spots, uneven wear, and objects caught in the tread.
– Be even more cautious inspecting the small tyres on light-duty trailers.
– Check trailer brake and light connections.
– Be sure the lights on your trailer work – Have another person stand behind the vehicle to check the brake lights and turn signals for proper operation.
– Check to ensure the tow coupling and brake mechanisms are well lubricated.
– Jack the trailer up and spin the wheels, listening for rumbling noises which indicate worn wheel bearings.
– Ensure that tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level.
– Check that wheel-bearings, suspension and brakes are in good working condition.
– Check oil, water, brake fluid, battery.
– Tow bars and tow couplings – Ensure the coupling socket and ball are matching size.
– Coupling must be securely fastened and latched or screwed down when the trailer is connected to the towing vehicle.
– Safety chains must be properly connected with attachments capable of withstanding the specified breaking load of each chain.
– Trailer brakes
– Red rear reflectors
– Rear number plate & number plate lamp visible / not obscured
– Direction indicators
– Temporary lights
– Ensure all doors, hatches, covers and any load or equipment are properly secured.

Visit a LombardTyres fitment center today to fit your tow or bull bar.