Kumho – 215/65R15 – KH17 Solus


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The manufacturing date of these tyres are 3014, therefore the tyres were manufactured in the 30th week of 2014.

Unfortunately all tyres that are older than 5 years, will not carry a manufacturing defect warranty and can’t be returned.

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Tyre Expiry Date

What is the life expectancy of a tyre?

The industry accepts that tyres from large manufacturers will become unsafe after 10 years if not worn out before. But most tyres will need to be inspected yearly after the 5 year manufacturing date.

How to tell the age of a tyre?

The DOT code is an alphanumeric code that appears on the sidewall of the tire. This code is sometimes referred to as a serial number. Mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it identifies where a tire was manufactured, specific characteristics about the tire and its age.

The code starts with the DOT designation, followed by a series of letters and numbers. This example number is DOT H2U1 YC7L 3805

The last 4 digits is the manufacturing date. In this example 3805. Therefore, in this example, the tire was manufactured in the 38th week of 2005.

Unfortunately all tyres that are older than 5 years, will not carry a manufacturing defect warranty.

Tire Specification

SKU: CS-KUM601634K
Brand: Kumho
Model: KH17 Solus
Load Index:
Speed Index:
Car Type:
XL / Extra Load: No
RunFlat technology: No
Commercial / Reinforced: No




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