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Don’t wait for your kidney to tell you to change the shock absorbers on your vehicle!

Why not give your kidneys a well-deserved break and visit one of our selected LombardTyres stores with state of the art shock absorber testing machines? We will give you a full report on the current state of the shock absorbers on your vehicle and rather give you the gift to put the bounce back in your step and not in your vehicle.

LombardTyres offer a comprehensive range of top quality shock absorbers for your vehicle at selected stores. Not only are our shock absorbers affordable but we also offer a large range of quality shocks.

Shocks, or shock absorbers, are important for your safety on the road. Their primary function is to keep your car’s wheels in contact with the road. Drivers have a tendency not to notice when their shocks wear out and this is concerning, as most South African vehicles are over three years old. This is when shock absorbers become less effective and worn shocks reduce the driver’s ability to control their car.