LombardTyres has developed an enviable reputation in being able to supply and service premium brand tyres to the Heavy Commercial market. This does not only include trucks, but also the earth-moving and agricultural sectors. Some of the world renowned brands include such names as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Dunlop and Kumho. They are available in all popular sizes at any of the Lombard Tyre outlets.

The retreading of any of these commercial tyres can be done at the dedicated Lombard truck retread plant in Krugersdorp.


In keeping with Lombard Tyres’ total commitment to meeting its customers’ needs it has developed an integrated, powerful range of services. These services go beyond mere convenience, and are aimed at reducing costly downtime and optimising the operation and profitability of its customers.

For example the Emergency Tyre Assistance (ETA) program allows the fleet customer to call for immediate assistance at any time of the day or night and at any place in South Africa. Time is money, and in such a crisis, Lombard Tyres will quickly mobilise its emergency back-up team to get you moving again. For professional fleet operators, Lombard Tyres also offers a highly effective Preventative Maintenance Service. Here each one of your commercial vehicles is inspected on a regular basis, and a report generated. This is designed to pre-empt any problems, minimise downtime, and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

The dedicated truck centre in Krugersdorp will cater for your entire heavy duty requirements. These services include a unique computerised wheel alignment facility, as well as other related services such as wheel balancing, tyre fitment and repairs. The Lombard Tyres Team are handpicked and trained for the job. This in-depth experience is at the heart of the Lombard service success.

Major fleet customers will also benefit from Lombard Tyres on-site services. This is a fully-fledged service operation involving highly trained personnel and specialised service vehicles and equipment.


The powerful alliance between Lombard Tyres and Bandag enables them to offer a modern, sophisticated retread technology to its customers. This not only results in durable, reliable retreaded tyres, but in the lowest cost per kilometre possible. This association with Bandag allows Lombard Tyres to pass on to you the latest cold process retread technology from the United States. This process is designed to service all Commercial tyre sizes.

The ability of Bandag to customise compounds allows the Lombard Tyre experts to recommend the optimum compound and the tread design for your specific application. This high-tech customisation is another specialised service offered by Lombard Tyres to its clients.

 The Lombard Tyres Retreading Plant in Krugersdorp is equipped with the latest and best techology available on the market. This plant was one of the first inSouth Africa to be awarded Gold Status by Bandag in 2003. With a dedicated, highly skilled team it is a succesful combination that has satisfied Lombard Tyres customers for a number of years now.

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